SilverBrook British Shorthair Kittens

Regional Winner

TICA Double Grand Champion Lovely Panther Ralph of SilverBrook

Regional Winner

ACFA Grand Champion SilverBrook Duke


TICA Regional Winner

Supreme Grand Champion

SilverBrook Guccio Gucci

Regional Winner Triple Grand Champion SilverBrook Wonder Girl

Double Grand Champion SilverBrook Calendar Girl

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Regional Winner

TICA Supreme Grand Champion SilverBrook Lucille Ball


TICA International Winner

Supreme Grand Champion Garibaldi's Federico Fellini of SilverBrook

RW QGC Royal Angel  Prince​ of SilverBrook

TICA Quadruple Grand Champion 

NW Best Lilac Lynx Point Of The Year

DGC Crazy Blue Uki​ of SilverBrook

TICA Double Grand Champion 

TICA Quadruple Grand Champion WernerWald Eleanor of SilverBrook

TICA International Winner 

TICA Regional Winner 

​Supreme Grand Champion 
IW RW SGC Garibaldi's Federico Fellini of SilverBrook

Twenty First Best Shorthair Cat Internationally

Third Best British Shorthair Internationally

Second Best Blue British Shorthair Internationally

Third Best Cat of the Year

Second Best Shorthair Cat of the Year

Best British Shorthair Cat of the Year

Best Blue British Shorthair Cat of the Year

​Garibaldi's Federico Fellini of SilverBrook is TICA's Number One Top Award Winning British Shorthair cat in NorthWest